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Powerful and effective marketing communications is based on a "content value exchange” whereby organizations engage prospects, customers and influencers through relevant and purposeful content in exchange for their attention, engagement and patronage. At CSG, we leverage our deep understanding and network of influencers in the industries we serve to create, package, distribute and promote compelling and impactful content to and through influencers on behalf of our clients. 

Learn more about how Communications Strategy Group's passion, track record and real-world experience can create targeted measurable content-based influencer relations campaigns, including PR, online PR, and social media, that tie directly to the overall marketing and strategic objectives of your organization.

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In order to engage influencers and customers, intimate knowledge of your industry landscape is imperative. The CSG practice areas are composed of dedicated teams of people who are deeply knowledgeable and passionate about the industries they serve.

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What Obamacare means for your investment portfolio

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Some pharmaceutical giants like Merck, which makes drugs that treat widespread and chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease, could also benefit from rising demand as more people gain insurance and fill prescriptions. But Andy Acker, who manages $2 billion in assets through the Janus Global Life Sciences Fund, which is up 46 percent over the past year, says the most interesting names in the drug universe are doing well for reasons that have little to do with Obamacare: They’re excelling because they’re creating treatments that are more efficient and come with fewer side effects than earlier remedies. “We have seen an acceleration in innovation,” Acker says.

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In the World of Online Reputation, Nobody Wants to Be Roadkill

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Back in June, one of our team members attended the inaugural Digital Summit Denver, which is a digital strategies forum aimed at educating and promoting forward thinking and thought leadership in Internet business and marketing. It was a beneficial event chock full of the leading digital professionals and an excellent opportunity for professional development.

This two-day summit closed its first day with a keynote titled “Reputation Roadkill”  from Andy Beal, chief executive officer of Trackur. In today’s social media world, much of our reputation lives online. And the online world moves fast, which can create the perfect storm for ‘reputation roadkill’ if you are not careful.

Using these 10 items, courtesy of Andy Beal, as guideposts, you can effectively look both ways and safely cross the online road to avoid being reputation roadkill.

1. Your reputation is not compartmentalized. Online, offline, it is all you and your reputation. You cannot expect to have one reputation in your online life and a different reputation in your life offline.

2. You are always being judged. Similar to what we tell clients in media training, always assume your microphone is on because you never know who is listening.

3. Do not feel the need to fill the void. Do not post or tweet just to post or tweet. Your social media posts should always have purpose and be authentic.

4. Train your staff. Your employees are an extension of the company. Make sure they are armed with the appropriate information and verbiage to properly represent the company.

5. Use the right account. If you post social media updates for the company, do not tweet anything from a personal account that you would not want on the company account.

6. Know your audience. Your message should resonate with customers and they should look to you as a thought leader. Keep the voice of your company and its associated social media profiles in mind when sharing information.

7. Be present. Social media fans and followers expect a response in 24 hours—or less. Do not maul your online reputation by letting questions and concerns shared on social media fall to the wayside.

8. Do not automate engagement. In today’s busy world, it is easy to use scheduling tools for everything, even our social media posts. But be wary about taking scheduling too far and be cognizant of other happenings, within the company and society.

9. Greed is ugly. Just because something is topical and trending, does not mean it is right. Be sensitive to news and events and do not exploit them for your own benefit.

10. Big lies are eventually revealed. This one pretty much speaks for itself. Tell the truth, lies can – and do – come out.

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CSG Goes Global

CSG Goes Global

Communications Strategy Group is excited to offer its clients global reach with its membership in IPREX, an international network of  communications agencies with over 100 offices worldwide.