Communications Strategy Group's (CSG®) award-winning Health & Wellness Practice is driven by the same thing that elevates your organization above others: passion.

As patients, advocates, yogis and professionals, we are seasoned experts who live, work and play in the healthcare, medical device, and wellness industries. Our philosophy is simple: we do good work for good people and are committed to helping people live healthier lives.

Encompassing this mantra in everything we do, our team provides thoughtful and impactful public relations support to healthcare, medical device, wellness and fitness organizations. We craft authentic content and distribute engaging messaging to tell stories creatively, resonate in targeted audiences and make an impactful difference. We are dedicated to strengthening brands, leveraging influencers and generating measurable results for our clients.

We specialize in the following healthcare & wellness sectors:

  • Healthy Aging/Encore
  • Healthcare
  • Medical Devices
  • Healthy Living
  • Health Technology 



  • Active Transamerica
  • Assisted Living Federation of America
  • Bright Health
  • Can Do Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cochlear
  • Colorado HealthOP
  • Colorado Hospital Association Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program
  • Colorado Medical Society
  • Colorado Worksite Wellness Task Force
  • Comfort Dental
  • CorePower Yoga
  • CU Toxicology
  • DeStressify
  • Disaboom
  • Eating Recovery Center
  • Envoy Medical
  • EverSafe
  • GeneFo
  • Health Education Solutions
  • HealthONE
  • Holiday Retirement
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • LiveWell Colorado
  • National Sleep Foundation
  • National Stroke Association
  • Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers
  • Rose Pediatrics
  • Total Well-Being
  • Trumpet Behavioral Health
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Client News

EverSafe’s technological approach fights off senior financial exploitation

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“Howard Tischler’s mother didn’t want to burden her children, so the former accountant arranged her finances for retirement and maintained an independent lifestyle. As she aged, Tischler noticed inconsistencies in her finances — credit card charges that made no sense, for example, and bills for an auto parts service even though she had no car or driver’s license.

Tischler, a financial technology entrepreneur, didn’t let the issue go — he founded EverSafe, a Columbia, Md. firm that offers digital account monitoring to help safeguard senior citizens vulnerable to fraud and exploitation. EverSafe addresses a growing issue: the U.S. Census Bureau expects the population of people ages 65 and up to double by 2050, and cognitive decline often begins for people in their late 50’s.”

Intel & Insights

PR Benchmarks: Measure Your Impact

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Public relations is not reserved for strict, traditional media relations anymore. What PR encompasses is changing everyday; but as it stands today, PR is everything from television, print, social media, online news sites, apps and more. And for health and wellness organizations, clients are using every piece of media to find information and make health-related decisions. So, when you’re kicking off a new campaign with a health-focused client, remember to look at these various PR elements and set concrete benchmarks so you can effectively measure success and identify insights at the close of the campaign.

Setting benchmarks

Views, clicks and impressions are classic ways to measure the success of your earned media. While it’s important to keep track of the number of people viewing your content, there’s more value to be found in measuring how many people within your target audience were reached and how they interacted with your content. When setting benchmarks, keep in mind your target audience and adjust goals accordingly.

Measuring impact

Measuring impact may seem subjective by nature, but there are ways to concretely show you’re reaching a specific audience. Start by analyzing the effects of earned media. Employ your online tracking tool of choice and take note of how effective earned media was at driving traffic to your website or landing page. It’s also valuable to take note if media coverage is merely a mention versus a larger feature story. Impact can also be measured by what – and how many – proprietary assets were shared during your campaign. You can check social shares, hashtag usage, etc., to determine which pieces of content were picked up or what assets were shared.

Success doesn’t always look how you thought it would. By measuring these different facets of impact, you can find ways to effectively measure how targeted audiences received and interacted with your campaign. But remember, it all starts with setting the proper benchmarks.

Healthcare PR pros: What other benchmarks do you find helpful to set with your clients? Tweet us at @CSG_health!


CSG News

Kathryn Robinson Hired as Communications Fellow, Serving Health & Wellness Team

Kathryn Robinson Hired as Communications Fellow, Serving Health & Wellness Team

Communications Strategy Group (CSG®) is pleased to announce the newest team member of the Health & Wellness team, Kathryn Robinson. Kathryn joined the CSG Denver team in July and brings years of experience in writing, content marketing and media relations to the CSG team.

Kathryn is currently attending graduate school at the University of Denver, earning a master’s degree in strategic communication. Her interest in communications comes from a lifelong passion for writing and reputation management. Kathryn has held numerous communications roles in agencies, corporations and nonprofits in both Florida and Denver.

In her spare time, Kathryn enjoys hiking, biking, snowboarding and trying new Denver-area restaurants.