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What sets Communications Strategy Group's (CSG®) award-winning Financial Services Practice and its communications team apart from the rest? It’s our unique combination of industry expertise, leading-edge content marketing strategies and influencer connections.

CSG clients work closely with a dedicated team of professionals well versed in the challenges and opportunities within each segment of the financial services industry. We help clients define goals and map out measurable strategies for success. Our team is able to:

  • Create and carefully place compelling, targeted content for audiences ranging from investment advisors to bank directors to consumers.
  • Leverage longtime relationships to connect clients with prominent reporters and critical industry influencers, including analysts, bloggers, social media VIPs and associations.
  • Effectively apply the latest tactics in content marketing, digital media and public relations.

All of these deliverables are backed up with success metrics and analytics, so clients always know the exact return on their investment in CSG.


  • ALPS Fund Services
  • BancVue (
  • Berkery Noyes
  • Certified 506
  • Continuity Control
  • Equity Trust Company
  • Farmers Insurance
  • Financial Planning Association
  • First Western Trust Bank
  • Janus Capital
  • Lincoln Trust
  • Lipper
  • NACHA- The Electronic Payments Association
  • NewComLink
  • Rivet Software
  • Rydex|SGI
  • Schwab Charitable
  • Security Benefit
  • The Bancorp
  • Transamerica Funds
  • Vesta
  • WealthCounsel (
  • Wolters Kluwer
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Dan Holt – Co-Founder & CEO of BillGO

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Dan has a passion for making the world a better place through amazing teams and awesome products. He’s previously worked for, started, and grown publicly-traded companies, including bank technology company HEIT (which was sold to CSI), where he became a president of one of the large bank software providers. Dan’s leadership experiences both in the Air Force and for several software application companies lends well to delivering the #1 bill management solution.

Intel & Insights

What is Content Value Exchange and 7 Reasons Why Your Audience Cares

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Want an engaged and loyal audience? You need to give before you get.

That’s the premise of the Content Value Exchange: If you deliver content that serves your audience by educating, entertaining or otherwise providing value, they’ll give you something in return, like their attention, advocacy, contact information or, ideally, their business.

One of the earliest examples of an effective content value exchange is the Michelin Guide, first published in 1900. Designed as a handbook with useful suggestions about where to stop for gas, lodging and food—more travel sells more Michelin tires, after all—the guide took on a life of its own and is now the most prestigious restaurant rating system in the world.

You don’t have to create the next Michelin Guide, but before your organization develops a content piece, it’s important to make sure that it will provide something of value to its intended audience. CSG has developed the 7-point guide below to help you determine whether a content piece is adding value.

If, while walking through the questions above, you have trouble identifying the value you’re providing to your audience or find that your messaging is too sales-centric, you likely need to rethink your content piece or conduct further research to better understand your audience.

The content value exchange is meant to nurture long-term relationships, not short-term success. In order to execute an effective content marketing strategy, organizations must understand their customers’ needs and interests as well as the values they share with their target audience. Then, they must use that knowledge to produce consistently useful content pieces over time. This approach demonstrates to prospects and customers that you’re a trustworthy, knowledgeable partner who aims to help—not just sell.

Marketing and communications professionals should continually evaluate the results of their content efforts. How is the content being used? Is it being shared? Strategies should be readjusted if the content isn’t connecting with the right audience or evoking the intended response.

Identifying themes or topics that will present the greatest value to your prospects can be challenging. Conducting keyword research will provide a deeper understanding of search trends and help identify content ideas while guiding keyword optimization. Persona research can also help illustrate who your customers are and the interests and values they hold. While personas are certainly helpful, it’s important not to make assumptions or overgeneralize your target audience.

Finding the right content mix can take time, and it varies from organization to organization. Depending on your brand, your target audiences, and your business goals, you might create the most value with blog posts; other companies might better connect via e-books, videos or case studies.

The customer lifecycle or conversion journey should also play a role. Certain content formats are more appropriate for building awareness while others are more effective for fostering engagement or generating leads and conversions. Your content strategy should address all stages of each persona’s journey, guiding the consumer to the next relevant step.

The content value exchange can play an integral role in establishing and strengthening relationships between an organization and its stakeholders, using thoughtful, high-value content development and distribution to connect all parties around a set of shared values. 

CSG News

Communications Strategy Group Expands to New York City

Communications Strategy Group Expands to New York City

Communications Strategy Group (CSG®), an award-winning strategic communications firm specializing in content-based influencer relations, has opened an office in New York City, extending its reach in delivering what public relations should be.

The new office, located in the city’s financial district, joins CSG’s existing offices in Washington, D.C., and Denver, where the company is headquartered. CSG has hired Ashley Frost as its first senior associate in New York within its Financial Services Practice, and plans to recruit additional professionals in the coming months.

CSG works with clients to create a “content value exchange,” developing high-value content campaigns that drive prospects and customers to engage and nurture relationships with a brand around shared values. CSG’s professionals specialize in a single industry, developing a deep understanding of their field’s challenges and opportunities while building strong relationships with each sector’s most important influencers. 

Source: O'Dwyer's