Whether a beverage, spirits or beer company with a mission, an eco-friendly light bulb or a sustainable coffee roaster, Communications Strategy Group’s (CSG®) Consumer Practice embraces a wide variety of B2B and B2C clients with enthusiasm. With more than 25 years of collective experience in PR and media, our Consumer Practice brings strategy, insight, creativity and connections to every client.

We’ve worked with top-notch franchise groups, restaurants, specialty food companies, educational institutions and more, all requiring different approaches to media relations, content creation, metrics and strategy. We apply our experiences and networks to each client, while taking a fresh approach to everything that we touch.

The consumer team understands the importance of campaigns that target the right influencers through the perfect mix of traditional media, online PR, social media, events, content strategy and grassroots efforts.


  • Camp Bow Wow
  • Coda Coffee
  • Cook Street
  • D'Vine Wine
  • Four Seasons
  • Freakonomics The Movie
  • Gelazzi
  • Harkins Theatres at Northfield Stapleton
  • Legendary Baking
  • Life’s Sweet
  • Military & Veterans Discount Center
  • Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
  • Montanya Distillers
  • My Job Chart
  • New Belgium Brewing
  • No Socks to Work Day
  • Save The Poudre Coalition
  • Tesoro Cultural Center
  • The Fort Restaurant
  • Two Degrees
  • Where Food Comes From
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Client News

New Belgium Brewing: A Model Employee-Owned Business

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“Kim Jordan and Jeff Lebesch wanted to run a more democratic business. Rather than shoulder all the tough decisions themselves, the founders of New Belgium Brewing Company sought their employees’ input early on. This meant cultivating what Jordan calls a “high-involvement culture” of engaged, enthusiastic workers and transparency with staff about all sorts of matters, including company finances.”

Intel & Insights

Are You Missing Important Aspects of Brand Storytelling?

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An organization’s messaging is one of the most important ways consumers identify with a brand. If the messaging is stale, how do you expect the consumers to react?

Developing creative messaging through storytelling is a fantastic way to engage consumers after the first interaction, and also how an organization can retain consumer attention for the long term.

Gini Dietrich, author of “Spin Sucks: Communication and Reputation Management in the Digital Age”, illustrates five important aspects of brand storytelling your organization may be missing.

1. Passion

“Your passion lies in how your product is created, your office culture, the one thing your organization truly cares about that makes it valuable to the world around you”

2. The protagonist

“The protagonist is you, your company, your product, or your service…look for themes or strong responses [from your organization], and combine them into a clearly defined description of your protagonist’s attributes.”

3. The antagonist

“The antagonist is the villain. It’s often the most overlooked part of an organization’s story. What is the enemy of your success? Think about it as an issue or challenge you solve.”

4. The revelation

“Unexpected twists and turns help make fiction compelling. Readers enjoy the surprise…your organization’s story should share something unexpected with customers and prospects.”

5. The transformation

“The final part of your story is the transformation: the thing that is different about the way you do business…tell the story from your point of view, and no one can copy it.”

Your brand’s story may not be as interesting as your favorite story as a kid; but then again, why shouldn’t it be? Explore your own creative avenues and craft a story that distinguishes the brand from everyone else. If you craft messaging using creative storytelling that captures the consumer’s interest, the groundwork is set for a long-term relationship.

CSG News

Mark Stern Promoted to Associate, Serving Health & Wellness and Consumer Teams

Mark Stern Promoted to Associate, Serving Health & Wellness and Consumer Teams

Communications Strategy Group (CSG®) is pleased to announce the promotion of team member, Mark Stern. Mark has served as a communications fellow on a part-time basis for the Health & Wellness team for almost a year, and joins the CSG team full-time in November.

With a passion for writing and a natural flair for interpersonal communication, Mark provides creative storytelling, tailored messaging and insightful media relations for clients on both the Health & Wellness and Consumer teams. Mark has held numerous communications roles in both the public and private sectors, and brings a unique ability to communicate with diverse audiences to CSG.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys staying active outdoors, playing guitar, piano and learning new musical instruments.