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Curiosity and Respect. This is the answer we provide when people ask what we look for in new Communications Strategy Group (CSG®) team members. 

Curiosity is the engine that drives a solid work ethic, an eagerness to learn, explore and grow. It is the catalyst for the imaginative and creative thinking needed to solve problems and capitalize on opportunities.  

Respect is what makes teams and cultures work. When team members start with respect, then the right decisions come easily. It is what enables freedom and flexibility in the workplace and creates a dynamic environment that isn’t managed, but collaboratively built. 

At CSG, we’re always looking to connect with extraordinary talent. People who want a work environment that takes seriously the parallels between career path and life path and the responsibilities that come with achieving in both. 

We're currently seeking to fill the following positions: 

  • Associate, Financial Services Practice
  • Senior Associate, Financial Services Practice

If you are interested in engaging with CSG as a team member or a collaborator, we welcome the opportunity. Please contact us at