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Powerful and effective marketing communications is based on a "content value exchange” whereby organizations engage prospects, customers and influencers through relevant and purposeful content in exchange for their attention, engagement and patronage. At CSG, we leverage our deep understanding and network of influencers in the industries we serve to create, package, distribute and promote compelling and impactful content to and through influencers on behalf of our clients. 

Learn more about how Communications Strategy Group's passion, track record and real-world experience can create targeted measurable content-based influencer relations campaigns, including PR, online PR, and social media, that tie directly to the overall marketing and strategic objectives of your organization.

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In order to engage influencers and customers, intimate knowledge of your industry landscape is imperative. The CSG practice areas are composed of dedicated teams of people who are deeply knowledgeable and passionate about the industries they serve.

Client News

Are Educators Asking the Right Questions About Distance Education?

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"Online instruction, and testing specifically, can still be considered the Wild West in higher education. It is uncharted territory, quickly expanding with no specific guidelines or hard and fast rules to follow.

"As a former president of an online university, it worried me to see such low buy-in from faculty. But, as a former faculty member, I understand their concern: If you’re not seeing your students every week in class, you can’t see the expressions on their faces to know if they’ve missed something—or if they’re even there at all," writes ProctorU CEO Don Kassner. 

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Pet Lovers Rejoice in Health Benefits and Unite for Philanthropic Efforts

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“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no question; they pass no criticisms.” 

-George Eliot, English novelist

Walk around the CSG offices, in Denver or Washington, D.C., and it's no doubt we're a group of animal lovers. Pictures of beloved dogs and cats pepper the walls of people's offices - and lint rollers are a must! 

Sure these furry faces bring smiles to our human ones, but better than a smile are some of the health benefits of owning a pet.

Fight allergies. Studies have shown that children who grow up in a household with “furred animals” will have less risk of allergies or asthma.

Date magnets. Skip that Internet dating site, dogs are natural – and adorable – conversation starters.

Dogs for all ages. For seniors, caring for a pet or participating in pet therapy helps provide exercise and companionship. Adults and children can reap similar benefits too!

Like chicken soup for the soul. Pet owners are found to be less likely to suffer from depression, often have lower blood pressure than people without pets and have better survival rates after a heart attack.

With CSGers so naturally passionate about animals and numerous health benefits these four-legged friends bring, it was an obvious fit to host an in-office pet supplies drive for local animal shelters. So for a few weeks in March and April, dog treats, cat food, leashes and toys began to fill the CSG offices, as did a collage of pictures of everybody’s pets! Thanks to the generosity of CSGers, we were able to share numerous supplies with MaxFund Animal Adoption Center and Washington Humane Society.

CSG News

CSG Purchases Van for Local Nonprofit

CSG Purchases Van for Local Nonprofit

Since day one, Communications Strategy Group (CSG) has had an emphasis on giving back. As our team continues to grow, we now have even more opportunities to support causes within our community. To address these opportunities, CSG just launched a philanthropy committee comprised of members from each practice. The committee meets once a week to discuss potential donations and volunteer opportunities for our team.

The committee particularly looks into supporting causes our employees are passionate about. CSG recently purchased a van for Foraged Feast, a local nonprofit that Education Practice team member Dany Rossman is involved in leading. The organization works with public spaces, private homes and local farms to collect food for shelters and other nonprofits that support the underserved.

When CSG learned Foraged Feast needed additional help transporting produce to those in need, we found a van to help the organization carry larger quantities of food across town. “Adding another vehicle increased our impact exponentially—it gives us the ability to collect an additional 40,000 extra pounds of produce a season,” Dany told CSG. “The extra market collection now puts food into the hands of an additional 266 people every day.”

Later this month, members of the CSG team will join Dany and Foraged Feast to harvest apples and pears in a nearby orchard and deliver them to the less fortunate.