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Powerful and effective marketing communications is based on a "content value exchange” whereby organizations engage prospects, customers and influencers through relevant and purposeful content in exchange for their attention, engagement and patronage. At CSG, we leverage our deep understanding and network of influencers in the industries we serve to create, package, distribute and promote compelling and impactful content to and through influencers on behalf of our clients. 

Learn more about how Communications Strategy Group's passion, track record and real-world experience can create targeted measurable content-based influencer relations campaigns, including PR, online PR, and social media, that tie directly to the overall marketing and strategic objectives of your organization.

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Our Practices

In order to engage influencers and customers, intimate knowledge of your industry landscape is imperative. The CSG practice areas are composed of dedicated teams of people who are deeply knowledgeable and passionate about the industries they serve.

Client News

New Belgium’s Kim Jordan Recognized as One of Few Female Leaders in Craft Brewing

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“[Kim] Jordan is the President and CEO of New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, Colorado. New Belgium is currently the third largest craft brewery in the United States, according to the Brewers Association. Jordan co-founded New Belgium with her then-husband Jeff Lebesch in 1991, and has since helped grown the brand into what it is today. She has also made environmental stewardship one of brewery's top priorities.”

Intel & Insights

15 Assessments of Affordability

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Tackling college affordability is a sticky wicket. Wrapped up in the issue are equally difficult topics like access, student loan debt, the purpose of college and a broken higher education system. The Lumina Foundation recently released 15 papers from nationally recognized experts and up-and-coming analysts in an effort to forward the discussion thoughtfully.

CSG News

Next Gen Public Relations LinkedIn Group

Next Gen Public Relations LinkedIn Group

CSG has created a LinkedIn Group which will serve as a forum devoted to exchanging information and insights about the changing landscape of public relations and PR careers. Students, professionals, and academics are encouranged to join in the conversation